Project Delivery

‘Projects delivered on time, on budget and to high quality standards’

Project Documentation

Konar Architects Geelong can produce comprehensive drawings, specifications and documentation suitable for projects of varying complexity for permit applications, tender and construction purposes. We utilise our detailed understanding of the complexity of The Building Code of Australia and statutory planning regulations and relevant Australian Standards and an intrinsic knowledge of construction and engineering detailing, material attributes and finishes to produce high quality construction documentation.

Project Phases

Concept/Sketch design

Encompassing the client’s brief, a concept design is developed then further enriched to provide a final “sketch” design. By this time the need for a planning permit has been established together with other regulatory issues which may affect the project.

Detailed design

In consultation with the client the sketch design is developed with a greater level of detail and which may incorporate joinery, structure, interior and exterior finishes depending on the clients’ requirements and brief. Engineers and other consultants may be brought in at this stage to further inform the design.

 Working drawings

Drawings and other related documents are prepared for a building permit application or for  tendering and subsequently for construction. This stage usually requires design input from various other consultants as applicable to each project. The content of the final working drawings will depend on the level of detail commissioned by the client in accordance with their brief.

Consultant Coordination

Most projects will require the engagement of other design professionals to facilitate the completion of the design documentation. We have evolved a network of suitably experienced consultants to assist in the development and documentation of the project design. Consultants may include Building Surveyors, Structural Engineers, Services Engineers and Energy Raters. We will advise as to which consultants may be required and assist you in obtaining quotes then liaising with each consultant to ensure their documentation is adequately incorporated into the design.

Budget Control

Drawing upon its own industry experience and in tandem with the engagement of experienced building estimators or quantity surveyors, Konar Architects can monitor the cost of the design as it develops to keep the project within budget expectations. Some clients opt to forego this process and proceed directly to tender at which point the result may be other than desired. This may then require re-documentation and delays to the project and is an outcome we do not advocate.


The competitive tendering process can often deliver the best value outcome for a client. This may be a selected invited tender or a wider open tender for more commercial projects. Konar Architects can facilitate the entire tender process from the preparation of the tender documentation, requests for quotations, receiving and evaluating tenders through to preparation of contracts. Alternatively we can negotiate with a client’s preferred contractor to provide the optimum outcome for your project.

Construction Administration

Konar Architects can provide full or partial contract or construction administration services for small and large scale building works to ensure the successful delivery of your project. Contract administration involves the superintendence of the works including time, cost and quality control monitoring; compliance with the contract conditions and reporting to the client.

Alternatively the client may choose to superintend or project manage the works themselves and may engage Konar Architects for advice on an as needs basis.