Architectural Graphic Enhancements

[Featured image of wall mural by – Graphic Enhancement – “As sun sets on the Eltham copper butterfly”]

Architectural graphic wall art has a genesis in what might previously be known as grafitti or grafitti art however the more contemporary application of graphics onto building surfaces has evolved into a more explicit and divergent art form. Building owners and Architects now often commission graphic artists to enhance elements of their buildings through various applied graphics which may express some theme relating to the buildings history or use, the client’s business or wider urban and social commentary.

Client’s are as diverse as the art form itself and may range from private home owners seeking to incorporate a unique mural into their home, to corporate clients seeking a bold and vivid advertising to sell their product and to institutional clients ranging from Municipal Councils, schools and the like. The graphic enhancements are often striking individualised works of art complimenting the built work.

Of particular interest to Konar Architects are the works of Melbourne based Graphic Enhancement. The graphic artist firm was started by artist Alex Hendricks in 2016. With qualifications as a graphic designer and signwriter, he has painted hundreds of canvases and murals for businesses, the community, and individuals. He continues to provide his unique and creative artistic skills to the general public of Melbourne, the surrounding suburbs, and beyond.

The work of Graphic Enhancement is individual, eyecatching, bold and simply stunning and adds verve and impact to any built works and is a ‘go to’ in the field of architectural graphics.

Geodesic Domes

Konar Architects is exploring and developing the design and construction of geodesic domes for the urban evironment. There’s nothing new in the form of a dome and they have been a part of architecture for hundreds of years. They are beautiful, simple and the most efficient of forms providing the maximum building volume for the least building surface area. With no delineation between wall and roof the dome is a single spatial element that not only envelopes the habitant but provides a sense of security and peacefulness.

Unlike traditional domes generally constructed of masonry or concrete, the geodesic dome is formed using framing elements that are assembled using a simple method of triangulation. The resultant dome is relatively easy to fabricate, is light weight and efficient in the use of materials. Building a geodesic dome is an inherently environmentally principled method of construction.


The Konar Architects Geodesic Greenhouse project was undertaken as an experiment to assess how a dome could be constructed with the simplest and cheapest of everyday materials and that any person with basic tools and abilities could achieve on their own. The completed project is an exemplar of a garden greenhouse that can be constructed in small urban spaces and with a diameter of 3.0m and floor area less than 10m² may (subject to Municipal Council confirmation) be completed without the need for a building permit.

The structure was built using a combination of recycled timber salvaged from a house demolition as well as other recycled materials to form the base and connection nodes. In some cases new materials were required particularly fixings and materials in contact with the ground.
The cost for the dome was very minimal and the basic dome frame and covering took approximately four weekends to complete. The resultant greenhouse is a conclusive success and is providing great enjoyment to it’s owner and is being used to grow vegies and as a chill-out space .

Konar Architects Geodesic Dome – Greenhouse Construction


A video tutorial on the construction of the geodesic dome greenhouse can be accessed by following the Youtube link below. As always you can contact Konar Architects if you have any questions or would like a dome designed or constructed.


Konar Architects can assist with the design of geodesic dome projects of all types and for larger dome structures prepare any required building permit application documentation. We can also undertake the construction of domes for clients upon application. Contact Konar Architects for further information

HomeBuilder architectural design services

Following the recent government announcement, HomeBuilder ‘provides eligible owner-occupiers (including first home buyers) with a grant of $25,000 to build a new home or substantially renovate an existing home. HomeBuilder will assist the residential construction market by encouraging the commencement of new home builds and renovations.’

Whilst the Homebuilder grant scheme also caters for new home builds for first home buyers, many families and existing home owners are realising the financial and lifestyle benefit of staying in their current home. The cost of stamp duty, real estate agent fees and other buying and selling costs including furniture removal can amount to tens of thousands of dollars and coupled with the uncertaintity of selling in what may be a depressed market can make the option of purchasing and moving to a new house seem less viable.

Moving to a new area can be challenging for many reasons including proximity to workplace, schools, leisure and shopping precincts and many existing home owners are happy where they are and moving to a new house to cater for changes in family size or lifestyle structure may not be desirable.

Adding together the potential costs of relocating coupled with the $25,000 homebuilder grant for  eligible projects, renovating the existing home may be the solution.  A strong demand is expected for renovations and alterations to existing dwellings and with the time constraints in place for projects to be commenced it is vital to get a design and plans in place as soon as practical. Konar Architects is in a position to assist with designs, plans and permits to get your project moving promptly.

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