Architectural Graphic Enhancements

[Featured image of wall mural by – Graphic Enhancement – “As sun sets on the Eltham copper butterfly”]

Architectural graphic wall art has a genesis in what might previously be known as grafitti or grafitti art however the more contemporary application of graphics onto building surfaces has evolved into a more explicit and divergent art form. Building owners and Architects now often commission graphic artists to enhance elements of their buildings through various applied graphics which may express some theme relating to the buildings history or use, the client’s business or wider urban and social commentary.

Client’s are as diverse as the art form itself and may range from private home owners seeking to incorporate a unique mural into their home, to corporate clients seeking a bold and vivid advertising to sell their product and to institutional clients ranging from Municipal Councils, schools and the like. The graphic enhancements are often striking individualised works of art complimenting the built work.

Of particular interest to Konar Architects are the works of Melbourne based Graphic Enhancement. The graphic artist firm was started by artist Alex Hendricks in 2016. With qualifications as a graphic designer and signwriter, he has painted hundreds of canvases and murals for businesses, the community, and individuals. He continues to provide his unique and creative artistic skills to the general public of Melbourne, the surrounding suburbs, and beyond.

The work of Graphic Enhancement is individual, eyecatching, bold and simply stunning and adds verve and impact to any built works and is a ‘go to’ in the field of architectural graphics.